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If you read them they will change your life...For Sure!

As members of the universe, we are called to be truly honest with ourselves and
with others ever mindful that the power to heal is within.
  • A Course In Miracles a star
    Foundation for Inner Peace, Publisher and Trustee (Spiritual)

  • The Four Agreements
    - by don Miguel Ruiz
    A New York Times bestseller, published by Amber-Allen in November 1997, this book is a practical guide for anyone interested in personal freedom. Don Miguel Ruiz, in The Four Agreements, carries forward the esoteric Toltec knowledge. "The Four Agreements are tools to help us in the process of personal transformation. This transformation requires an inventory of our beliefs, which are based on agreements we have made with life. We can transform our beliefs and break our old, self-limiting agreements by practicing the Four Agreements". don Miguel has also written The Mastery of Love, published by Amber-Allen in May 1999, and The Four Agreements Companion Book, published by Amber-Allen in October 2000. I highly recommend these books.

  • Conversations With God
    - By Neal Walsch

  • The Power of Now
    - by Eckhart Tolle
    I highly recommend this book. Toole points us to portals that transcends the past and the future and into the now. He states, "To meet everything and everyone through stillness instead of mental noise is the greatest gift you can offer to the universe. I call it stillness, but it is a jewel with many facets: that stillness is also joy, and it is love."

  • Healing the Child Within
    - by Charles Whitfield M.D.
    I highly recommend this book to people interested in doing inner child work. Read a review here.

  • The Celestine Prophecy
    - by James Redfield
    This is a gripping story of one man's quest to find the ancient Peruvian manuscript which contains 9 insights which are transforming for all who learn them.

  • Helping Not Fixing
    - by Jim DeMaio, a friend
    wowThis is a manual for people who want to let go and love. Jim wrote this book so that others might learn how to be in relationship with self, others, and a Higher Power. He writes "Many of us find ourselves in shock when we realize that for years our identity has been based on illusions and our true identity has been so alienated from us. The truth leaves the body when we do. Our purpose is to allow the truth to come forth and let go of our illusions. It is only then that we can encourage others to seek and share it. We will give up our fixing and embrace helping each other."

  • Working with Spirit: To Replace Control with Trust
    - by Rick L. Gutherie
    As former Manager of the Ford Material Planning & Logistics Learning Center, Rick Gutherie details the roadmap which took Ford and its employees to a new level of leadership. As a result, the "need for top-down control" was eliminated and the "creative power of our spirit", whereby "everyone is a leader," became Ford's new paradigm.

  • The Chalice & The Blade
    - by Riane Eisler
    Eisler traces the truth of our cultural evolution and reveals how both patrriarchal and matriarchal dominance can be, and has been, destructive to society. She articulates and analyzes the ancient equalitarian partnership society and how this knowledge can move us toward a new partnership, to defeat oppression and war, and change the evolution of all.

  • A Call to Greatness sunstar
    - by IsanaMada author of More Than Me
    The dying of the ego and awakening of the True-Self is upon us. IsanaMada teaches us how universal evolution mandates a "radical transformation of consciousness within our human psyches". Letting go of the false-self and embracing the awakening of the true-self within requires a paradigm shift in our thinking. Open your eyes and weave your own tapestry of authenticity. I liked this book because it helped me to wake-up and become Real during a very dark time in my life. (New Age, Psychology)

  • The Game of God: Recovering Your True Identity
    - by Arthur B. Hancock & Kathleen J. Brugger
    Hancock and Brugger skillfully illustrate, using cartoons on the side, how the universe was created as a Game “for the purpose of experiencing hell and for the experience of recovering heaven”. They characterize, delineate, and maintain that paradise was intentionally lost – for the pleasure of regaining it”. Cleverly written to inspire, educate, and probe deep within for the sole purpose of recovering your true identity. (Self-Help, Inspiration)

  • Don't Sweat The Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff
    - by Richard Carlson, PH.D.
    A powerful message on how to keep the little things from taking over your life. (Self Help/Spiritual)

  • LOVE is Letting Go Of Fear
    - by Gerald G. Jampolsky M.D.
    The daily lessons contained in this book demonstrate how to let go of fear and help us remember that our essence is LOVE.

  • The Way of the Peaceful Warrior
    - by Dan Millman
    "Based on the true story of Dan Millman, a world champion athlete, this insightful volume explores Millman's journey into the realms of romance and magic, light and darkness, body and spirit". (Metaphysics)

  • If Life is a Game, These are the Rules
    - by Cherie Carter-Scott Ph.D.
    In this simple little book, Cherie shares universal truths called “The Ten Rules for Being Human" that once understood and embraced can contribute to meaningful relations with ourselves, and others, at work and in the home. Inspirational and encouraging, this book offers insights on self-esteem, respect, acceptance, forgiveness, ethics, compassion, humility, gratitude and courage. I recommend this book to everyone. (Conduct of Life, Spiritual, Success)

  • Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway
    - by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D.
    Susan charts the course and walks you through concrete techniques to over come passive fearful behavior. Moving from passive into assertive behavior necessitates a shift in our personal paradigm. Read this book and apply its strategy to “transform frustration and helplessness into power and create success in every aspect of life”. (Self-Help, Empowerment)

  • The Hand of God: Thoughts and Images Reflecting the Spirit of the Universe
    - Edited by Michael Reagan and Intro Essay by Sharon Begley
    Pictures from the Hubble telescope along with thoughts and reflections create an inspiring sense of wonder into the universe and its creator. (Religion and Science, Creation)

  • The Healing of America
    - by Marianne Williamson
    You can find Marianne Williamson books listed here. This is her home page. Very interesting and educational.

  • Books by Stuart Wilde
    Stuart Wilde is one of the most impacting personalities in the Human Potential Movement today. Metaphical insights, information and teachings.

  • The Elegant Universe
    - By Brian Greene
    Brian Greene, author and Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University wrote this execptional book about string theory. String theory is a kind of solution that creates a marriage between quantum mechanics and general relativity. It is a marriage that brings together and creates a framework between "the laws of the small and the laws of the large" giving us a better understanding of the universe and how we are a part of it. I recommend this book to anyone interested in physics and science.

  • Who Moved My Cheese?
    - by Spencer Johnson, M.D.
    This is a fun little fable about cheese being found, moved, then found again. It's about change in the business world and personal life.

  • Sacred Eyes
    - by Robert Keck
    Published by Knowledge Systems, 1992
    This book explores 35,000 years of spiritual evolution and examines periodic transformations human beings have experienced.

  • Peter McWilliams Writings
    His philosophy is that individuals have the right to personal freedom, individual expression and the right to live one's own life, as long as one does not harm the person or property of another. Peter's books strongly reflect his beliefs, but also adds comic relief to the stresses of every day life. is dedicated to Peter McWilliams who fought for the legalization cultivate, distribute and use medical marijuana.

  • Conscious Capitilism: Principles for Prosperity
    - by David Schwerin
    Conscious Capitalism shows how the principles of ancient wisdom are directly relevant to modern day business. Drawing on 30 years of financial and executive experience, Schwerin addresses contemporary issues faced regularly by people worldwide. Personal experiences, corporate field trips, and interviews with top executives bring both the anguish and the triumph of our business world to life. Conscious Capitalism's most significant contribution is its practical integration of formerly enshrouded principles with today's frenetic world of investing and commerce.

  • Paradigms - The Business of Discovering the Future
    - by Joel Arthur Barker
    This is a real study guide for anyone interesting in applying the concept of Paradigns to their personal life. An excellent source for defining what a Paradigm is and how it applies to past, present and future.


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